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Autumn's Coolest Nail Trend: Tortoise Shell Pretty V Beauty & Nails

New nail art trend: tortoiseshell nails are sweeping the runways and social media. When it comes to items and clothing, many designers favor tortoiseshell as an animal pattern. Eyeglasses, wallets, jewelry, and more all use this pattern. Who would have thought it would look so fantastic as nail art? In nail concept is sure to be a big hit this fall because to the wonderful warm tones utilized to create it.
Nail art has never been more popular than it is now that summer has arrived. The tortoiseshell print is the headliner of this mellow show for fall, which is all about warm, welcoming hues. This print's best qualities are its understated elegance, meticulous attention to detail, and understated glitz.

In fashion circles, tortoiseshell nails have appeared before. When Rodarte models walked the runway at New York Fashion Week in 2013, they donned tortoiseshell nails. This specific tortoiseshell pattern sighting had an ombre appearance, with two shades of terra cotta clayish hue and reddish brown cinnamon being layered over one other. Finishing them with an extremely glossy top coat completed the dazzling effect.
As with many other tortoiseshell patterns, this one pairs beautifully with the season's subdued tones, which include warm oranges, browns, greens, reds, and golds. In the fall, tortoiseshell prints evoke images of cozying up to a roaring fire and sipping hot chocolate, so you'll want to wear them all year round.

The designs appear to be inspired by nature because they are imperfectly lovely, like nature itself. With many layers of solid color and scattered dots, as well as a gradient effect in the backdrop, the method is accomplished. Do you prefer to do your nails at home instead of going to a salon? You're in luck, then. Despite how complex and gorgeous this technique seems, nail experts insist it can be done at home. Just a few different nail colors and a cosmetic wedge if you're feeling very creative are all you need. The rest is entirely up to you, as this method is all about improvisation and generating patterns at random.

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