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Dress up your eyelashes & eyebrows for the holidays Pretty V Beauty & Nails

With the Christmas season quickly coming, there are plenty of reasons to dress up. Like most women, you want to look your best for every special occasion, but the Christmas season adds to the pressure. To achieve that goal, you need a strategy to truly shine – and fresh eyelash extensions can help!
Feather extensions and extra glam!
You've always known it: your eyes are the focal point of your face. With your eyes, you captivate people. They make you stand out in any shot. That's why it's vital to keep your eyes focused in all directions. You want them attractive and huge. You need to highlight them with the ideal hairdo, brows, and eyelashes. Some ladies do this using mascara and a curler. It's great with nicely curled lash extensions.
Our permanent makeup and eyelash treatments in NSW 2165, Australia are provided by Pretty V Beauty & Nails. You pick the aesthetic you want before getting lash extensions - natural or dramatic. The technician will assist you to pick the lash length you want. No need to worry, our beauticians all obtained professional training from the premier PMU & beauty academy in NSW 2165 and are state certified.

The ultimate Christmas lash extensions!
Lashes may be lengthened and thickened using eyelash extensions. They are applied individually to your natural lashes, unlike synthetic eyelashes which are put in a strip on the top eyelid. It gives you fuller, longer, and more dramatic lashes without using mascara.
Who wants to spend hours applying, removing, and reapplying mascara when the holidays are here? Benefits of eyelash extensions – permanent makeup solutions Civic Plaza include:
Long, perfect lashes that will brighten your eyes, making you appear more alert and interested, and make you look younger than you imagined possible. People will be amazed!
Finally, you can stop applying and removing mascara. Your extensions will be as thick and dark as many coats of mascara, giving you the perfect lashes for any occasion.
You will be treated like a celebrity. Your new lashes will wow everyone you meet, giving you increased confidence and allowing you to personalize the Christmas season this year. Of course, you will also look wonderful in all those holiday shots!
Choosing lavish presents during one of the busiest periods of the year might be difficult. Eyelash extensions are the finest Christmas gift you can give yourself this year, and a definite way to make this season one to remember. They're safe, affordable, and the ultimate Christmas eye makeup solution. Please visit Pretty V Beauty & Nails, a top provider of lash and brow treatments in Fairfield.

This Winter, flaunt your lashes and brows in NSW 2165, Australia!
Attending a year-end party or any other Christmas event is the perfect way to show off your best features (particularly your eyes). With Pretty V Beauty & Nails Fairfield permanent eyelashes, you may flaunt your lashes and brows everywhere you go.
By Pretty V Beauty & Nails Eyelash Extensions
  • Texture: supple
  • Extremely light
  • Glossy
  • Sanitary
  • Curls when moist
  • Ideal for delicate eyelid skin
  • Lasting
Try our eyelash procedures in Fairfield if you want your lash extensions to endure through the holidays! Pretty V Beauty & Nails now provides eyelash extensions and semi-permanent cosmetic treatments (like microblading, lip blushing, areola, et cetera). From lash extensions to lash lifts, tints, and brow mapping, the acquiring Houston esthetician license team has you covered this winter. Let us pamper your eyes with our top beauty salon eye treatments.

How to care for your new eyelash extensions from our Australia beauty salon Civic Plaza?
Avoid getting wet during the first 48 hours.
Rub or scratch your eyes.
Every 3 days, use an eyelash cleaner.
Brush your lashes in the morning.
Be careful with oils around the eyes.
Don't sleep face down.
Keep track of infills (recommended every 2 - 3 weeks). Don't miss out on this free touch-up deal from Pretty V Beauty & Nails in Fairfield

Visit us today to learn more!
New eyelash extensions may alter your life. You will undoubtedly become addicted after your first pair, so have them applied early. Your appearance needs frequent maintenance to stay youthful. Whether your techniques of beautification are temporary or permanent, they must be faultless and enhance your inherent beauty. Our lash and brow experts are eager to help you shine.
At Pretty V Beauty & Nails permanent makeup salon in Civic Plaza, we know how vital it is to look your best. Company parties, family reunions, and other events may occur quickly. With the greatest eyelash extensions in NSW 2165, Australia, you may be ready for anything. Call us now to schedule a consultation!
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